Row Grade Packing Term of delivery 

 Price USD

1 60/70-85/100 Bulk Ex-work Jolfa--
2 60/70-85/100 Bulk FOB-Bandar Abbas--
60/70-85/100 New Steel Drums Ex-work Jolfa--
60/70-85/100 New Steel Drums FOB-Bandar Abbas--
60/70-85/100  Jumbo Bags 1Mt Ex-work Jolfa--
60/70-85/100  Jumbo Bags 1Mt FOB-Bandar Abbas--
40/50 -30/40Bulk Ex-work Jolfa--
40/50 -30/40Bulk FOB-Bandar Abbas--
40/50 -30/40New Steel Drums Ex-work Jolfa--
10 40/50 -30/40New Steel Drums FOB-Bandar Abbas-- 
11 40/50 -30/40 Jumbo Bags 1Mt Ex-work Jolfa--
12 40/50 -30/40 Jumbo Bags 1Mt FOB-Bandar Abbas--
Payment by L/C is possible  * 
(All grades of bitumen are possible (on customer request  * 
 Export declaration will be issued in the seller's name  * 

 Update Date: 17 June 2018 Price is valid for one week  


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