Roham Sperlus (RS) is a private company which is active a chain of activities in petroleum industries.  Although it has been established on 6 January, 2013, it made magnificent progress.  The managerial skills of the directors and dedication of our hardworking employees are key factor to develop our outstanding reputation and achievement.
Our Business Segments
We are engaged in five major business segments related to petroleum industries to shape a comprehensive chain of activities. Our company provides its activities with technical, financial and managerial expertise, leading-edge equipment and state-of-the-art services which are necessary to be successful in market.
Petroleum Products and Chemical Trading 
Nowadays, there is more and more demand for various types of petroleum products. As part of our division’s business, we are comprehensively engaged in overseas-related trading that include but not limited to import and export the products as follows:
Crude oil
The different types of bitumen
Gas oil
Fuel oil
Granular urea
Various types of petrochemical products

Roham Sperlus has many braches and active offices in different countries including Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, U.A.E. and China. 
Upstream Services 
Roham Sperlus is really interested in cost-effective and cutting-edge technologies to improve production and drilling operation impressively. Thus, We have been introducing novel technologies, technical services and products related to drilling and production including, but not limited to, such services and products of acidizing, completion, EOR/IOR, and drilling. We are also presenting the related courses in cooperation with world-class teachers in this area.
Upstream Services 
The Roham Sperlus’s refinery is under construction at moment. Roham has a professional team to design, construct, manage, and supervise the different technical aspect of a mini-refinery in different stages including design, implementation and producing. Our mini-refinery is the largest one in respect of the capacity (25000 bbl of crude oil/day). The main products will be different types of bitumen, gasoline, gas oil, residual, LPG, etc.

We are planning to establish storage tanks in the North and South of Iran in order to store different types of petroleum products which are our targets to be exported. Moreover, those tanks will be used to store the products of our refinery in future. Fortunately, Roham has a professional staff with sufficient expertise in the area of design, implementation and constructing storage tanks.

Roham is planning to purchase three vessels to complete the chain of its business segments. Those vessels will be used to transport not only petroleum products but also different commodities. 

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