Roham Sperlus Co. goal is to be recognized as famous and reliable brand among Clients, Competitors, Investors and relevant Organizations and authorities. And to be a benchmark for other Competitor companies to evaluate themselves with RS. We cherish and value Creativity, Team work and modernity. These factors have a high importance in our company. Our vision is to develop and grow as a successful producer in Country, Area and in the world. To Produce Petroleum Products, gas oil, VB, LPG, … according to local and international customer needs and MOP Standards during next 10 years.


Company Capacities:

1.       Produce Petroleum Products from crude oil

2.       Expert staff and engineers in both upstream and downstream in petroleum department, Mechanics department And Civil Engineering department

3.       Active commercial representative and branches at 8 countries : Iran, UAE, Armenia, Turkey, China, Georgia, Russia and Iraq

4.       Financial trading facilities with other countries

5.       Financial Assessment

6.       Investment on research and development

7.       Performance bonds and Commercial services for goods

8.       Sales and Exports Commercial goods

9.       Letter of Credit facility

10.   Local and International Custom clearance services

11.   Contract signatory on behalf of Legal and Real persons

12.   Establish subsidiary and branch locally and internationally

13.   Acquire Loan and Bank credit locally and internationally

14.   Participate and bid in local and international tenders


This company is doing commercial business especially regarding following commodities:

Oxidized Bitumen 15-90, 30-50, 40-50, 60-70, 80-100, 85-100

Cutback Bitumen MC250

Granular Urea

Crude Oil

Gas Oil

Fuel Oil (Mazut) M280, M380

… Other petroleum products




q  The member of Iranian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical  
Products Exporters’ Association

q  The member of the Iran Chamber of Commerce,  
Industries, Mines & Agriculture  

q  The member of the Iran Iraq Chamber of Commerce

q    The member of the Iran Armenia Chamber of Commerce

q  The member of the Iran Georgia Chamber of Commerce  

q  The member of Bitumen Commission

q  The member of the Iran-Russia joint Chamber of Commerce  




Roham Sperlus Co. Mission:

RS is active in petroleum production industry. This company is willing to produce and provide high quality products for it’s costumers. RS is responsible for it’s shareholders financial benefits concurrent with long term development and adherence to society morals. RS mission is to provide and produce for customers with high quality products according to most recent standards. These products shall satisfy customers in quality and pricing terms. Higher quality and cost efficiency is guaranteed by this company.


Roham Sperlus Activities:

A)     Downstream industry

a.       Refinery establishment in 2 phases

b.      Petroleum Products exports

c.       Storage tank establishment

d.      Purchasing petroleum products and bitumen bulk carriers and container ships

B)      Upstream industry

a.   Jet-Drilling

(b.   Fishbones As representation (Norway

       c.   FracKnowledge Co. representation (CANADA) 


Downstream Industry

Refinery First phase

Produce 1000mt Bitumen per Day

Refinery Second phase

Refine 25000bbl of Crude oil per day


Storage Tanks

Feasibility studies for Storage tanks establishment with capacity of 200,000mt in northern and southern ports


Purchasing 3 shipping Vessels

Feasibility studies and inspection for 3 shipping vessel with total capacity of 15000mt for petroleum products

1.       Bitumen bulk carrier, 4000mt

2.       Products bulk carrier, 5000mt

3.       Container ship, 6000mt



Upstream Industies

Jet drilling technology

One of the most important performances of Radial Jet Drilling (RJD) is to raise the productivity index in oil& gas wells. This technology has adapted a unique approach so that it can be considered as a suitable and cost-effective one in comparison with other methods. In fact, RJD is based on high-pressure water, diesel or acid to be expelled through a high-pressure hose and nozzle to penetrate into the target formation from 10 to 100 metersby creating holes with a diameter of 30-50 millimeters in different directions solely during a few days

Shagasnghai Witsun Jetdrill Enhancement Services Co. , Ltd. Is a professional company who provides technical services and solutions on radial jet drilling for oil field, gas field and CMB (Coal Bed Methane) field, well completion and increasing well production. The major business scopes include oil well ,  gas well and CBM well radial jet drilling, radial well development technical design and patented equipments manufacturing and sales

Since there is a strong engineering team in the upstream petroleum industry in this company respected the decision of the managing Board on 02.28.2015 the contract with China Witson , Roham Sperlus company act as sole agent of jet drilling services in Iran and transfer this technology in such difficult prohibition situation

(Representative of Fishbones As (Norway


This company uses Multilateral Stimulation Technology

Multilateral Stimulation Technology (MST) is an open hole liner completion that connects the well and the reservoir without the drawbacks of hydraulic fracturing. The system defines a new level of precision and efficiency in reservoir stimulation. You can vertically connect the reservoir throughout a long well in one short pumping operation. Do you need 50, 100 or 200 laterals? You are in control

?Why choose Fishbones MST 
:There are many reasons to choose Fishbones stimulation
  .Avoid water or unwanted gas by predictable penetration and location of the laterals- 
 .Accelerate progress by removing cementing, perforating, cleanouts, running fracstrings and other operations-
  Simplify logistics by using rig pumps and significantly less fluids-
. Increase productivity by connecting the well to the reservoir with up to 300 laterals-
 .Simulations show very positive productivity response, even compared to hydraulic fracturing 
 . Accelerate production by integrating stimulation in your drilling program- 
 . Reduce HSE exposure by reducing the number of operations and man-hours- 
.Reduce the environmental impact by using less fluid  
. Avoid flow back and disposal of fluid from hydraulic fracturing- 
 .Effective reservoir conductivity may be low due to layering or faulting- 
.The layers or faults can be penetrated and drained by Fishbones with the mother bore not even penetrating the faults 
 .Different intervals have different pressures and can be hard to effectively hydraulically stimulate-
.Fishbones allows you to stimulate zones with different pressure regimes

(Representative of Fracknowledge Co. (CANADA


q  Maximum Efficient Rate of Recovery (MER) within IOR/EOR is one of necessities in petroleum industries. In co-operation with expert foreign companies and relying on domestic specialists, Roham Sperlus Co. is providing the following services to the clients

q  We can provide you the following services in conventional acidizing as well as acid fracturing

q  Review the current acid testing procedure and suggest appropriate updates based on North American standards and current area operations

q  Support pre-job lab test verification, onsite evaluation, and quality control of wells of matrix acidizing and generate a summary report for the project

q  Research and identify new acid additives for matrix acidizing and acid fracturing

q  Research and identify alternative acid blends to hydrochloric acid (HCl

q  Facilitate workshops and teach courses on acidizing and fracturing operations and engineering


Roham Group Profile 2017



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