Company Facilities

                                 1. Producing Petroleum products directly from crude oil

2. Technical staff with special expertise in upstream and downstream petroleum industries: Petroleum department, Mechanic department, Civil department

3. Active agents with merchandising staff in seven countries:

      Iran, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Armenia, Turkey, China, Georgia, Tajikistan

4. The ability to trade financially with other countries

5. The ability to provide financial validation

6. The provision of investment on research

* It is possible for us to export products as follows:

a) Direct payment using valid credit card.

b) Valid letter of credit with a treaty validated for a period of 6 months.

c) Cash against documents.

d) Bank credit.

Our Memberships

* Iranian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products Exporters’ Association

* Iran Chamber of Commerce,Industries,Mines& Agriculture

* Bitumen Commission of Iran

* Iran Iraq Chamber of Commerce

* Iran Armenia Chamber of Commerce

* Iran Georgia Chamber of Commerce

* Iran Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce

* Iran Emirates Chamber of Commerce


Roham Group Profile 2017



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