Special tanks for bitumen in the special economic zone of Amirabad port of Behshahr

The Special Economic Zone of Bandar-e-Amir Abad, in the east of Mazandaran province, is located 51 km from the center of the province. The area has land with extensive support for multimodal transport infrastructure, Ro-Roi Airlift and truck for the transit and transportation of goods as well as easy access to the CIS market with a population of over 300 million people. Important in national and regional dimensions.

The special economic zone of Amirabad port as one of the symbols of Iran's attention to the transit of goods and the creation of basic transportation infrastructure in order to meet international standards and the use of the maximum transit capacity of the country, plays an important role with very large goals such as currency earnings, employment creation , Attracting foreign investment and private sector, has increased the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Caspian Sea and created a crossing in the north of the country.

The most important features of Bandar Abbas

* The third largest port of the Caspian Sea
* Only the northern port connected to the country's rail network
* Enjoy a unique riverfront ride
* Benefit from 15 berths with a capacity of 7.5 million tons
* 1060 hectares of land for investment support in various fields (industrial, production, services, etc.)
* Availability of modern marine and port equipment
* Pilot of North Cereal
* The main link to the International North-South Transit Corridor (INSTC)

North-South Corridor is the most suitable option for business communication between Asia and Europe

Port of Amirabad, Behshahr, with a national railway network along the international corridors of the North of the South with vast land of investment support, with priority for the construction of oil pipelines, oil and petroleum pipelines, storage tanks for oil and food, and silo construction. Grains are export activities of materials and mines, and conversion industries.

Investment priorities are the construction of storage tanks for oil and food, and the construction of grain silos and flour mills, and the export of materials and materials for the mining and processing industries.

At present, it is possible to store gasoline up to 10,000 cubic meters and up to 16,000 cubic cubic meters for gasoline.

Ports and Maritime Organization The plan for the construction of an oil pipeline under the B.O.T contract is to the private sector, the construction of an Eram lining on the pier and the construction of a pipeline to a 6.6-kilometer long oil tank of other current programs in the Amirabad port.

Roham Oil Refinery Company in Amir Abad Port

Construction of bitumen storage tanks with a capacity of 15,000 tons

Includes 3 tanks of 5,000 tones (standards used to design, build and install these API 650 tanks) with a heating oil coil with hot oil boiler, steam boiler Steam Boiler, pumps and The respective pipes are all double-glazed with the possibility of heating, as well as insulation of rock wool and aluminum coatings to optimize fuel consumption and stay warm for a long time. Measuring equipment used in reservoirs and lines containing barometers, discharge Gauges, thermometers and gauges of reservoirs, implementation of a precise measuring system for the delivery and evolution of petroleum products and materials is projected in this plan.



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