Project of Establishing Oil Refinery (100,000 barrels/day) in Roham Aras


Geographical location

Jolfa city in the northwest of East Azerbaijan province, between 45°17′ to 46° 31′ in the east, and between 38° 39′ to 39° 2′ in the northern plain in a narrow strip on the northern border of the province and from the north The Aras River and the Nakhchivan, Armenia and Azerbaijan rivers. The area of the city is 1670.31 km2, which is the Calibrian city of the east, and the cities of Marand and Ahar are also the southern neighbors of this city. Aras Free Zone in the northwest of Iran is located at the zero point of the border in the vicinity of Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

The first phase of the Roham Refinery, with the aim of producing 300,000 tons of bitumen per year, was attended by the High Council of the Free and Special Economic Zones of the country and the local authorities of the Free Trade Zone of the Aras Free Trade Zone. The first phase of the refinery was licensed in March 2013 and the operation began on October 13, 2015. Accordingly, the first phase of the refinery was built at a cost of $ 15 million without the use of bank resources. Implementation of the project in the second phase also has a capacity of 100,000 bpd of crude oil refining, which has helped to develop the market and oil products and can meet the needs of the markets of Armenia, Georgia and Turkey.


* Provide the petroleum products required for Iran.

* Export some of the products to neighboring countries.

* Provide the feed downstream industries

* Development of technology and employment infrastructures in East Azerbaijan province

* Use of the non-governmental investment for Iranian refinery developments.



This refinery will have the capacity of 100,000 bpd of oil as two phases of 50,000 bpd.

Refinery Feed:

Ahwaz – Asmari Crude Oil, the crude oil of the northern parts of Dezful

Preparatory work related to obtaining feed permits and construction of the pipeline have been done and the final approval of the Minister of Oil, Mr. Zanganeh, has been obtained.

Heavy oil analysis of Ahwaz (Asmari Formation)


Capacity (barrels per day)


Capacity (tons per year)


Capacity (tons per day)

16 inch universal pipeline

How to supply

East Azarbaijan Province - Aras Free Zone

project site

1/250/000/000 $

The amount of investment

250 hectares

Land area

Sabine Financial Group

Financial Planning Consultant

Design and refining industry consultant engineer

Consultant for justification

700 people direct

Manpower creation

Asmari Heavy Oil Ahwaz - North Dezful

Raw material

Unit for distillation in atmosphere, vacuum distillation unit, concentration unit, naphtha filtration and catalytic conversion (petrol), oil purification unit with hydrogen, hydrocracker unit (isomaks), hydrogenation unit, liquid gas production and purification unit, sweet units Sulfur DE oxidation and distillation of light and heavy naphtha and petroleum, ammoniation and desulfurization of sour water, industrial wastewater treatment unit, industrial water, steam and electricity production units, as well as related reservoirs

Refining units

Gasoline, gas oil (gasoil), liquid gas, jet fuel (petroleum), batuminium

The product


Based on the above plan, the manpower employment for this refinery will be more than 3500 people directly and 10000 people indirectly.


The executive operations of the Sabzab - Rey Crude Oil Pipeline was started in 2012 and after finishing the project, it will be able to transfer 450,000 bpd of crude oil to the northern Dezful in accordance with the NACE standards and at present all of the relevant stations are under construction.

The construction project of Abadan-Ahwaz-Arak-Tehran pipeline is another important project, with a capacity of 300,000 barrels per day in accordance with the NACE standard that all relevant stations of it are under construction.




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